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Dell PowerEdge FX2 Virtual Rack Server

The Dell PowerEdge FX2 chassis for 2U converged rack adapts to the needs of different businesses through blocks. You can run virtualization environments, private clouds and databases with FX2. It helps organizations to grow much more efficiently, but also to simplify the management of the centers of data and its provisioning. In addition, ‘FX2’ helps system administrators who have the tools and resources to respond to unpredictable workloads and provide the right response to market trends.

Dell PowerEdge FX2 Virtual Rack Server
Dell PowerEdge FX2 Virtual Rack Server

What possibilities does this architecture offer? The first is that it allows running databases as well as private clouds and virtualization environments that require server processing and high performance storage. The second is to provide dedicated hosting or high availability web services that require high-density processing resources and independent physical domains. Finally, the ‘FX2’ convergent architecture improves the performance of applications in the business world such as business analysis, application processing and online transactions, high-performance computing workloads, and so on.

Two Versions Dell PowerEdge FX2

The team of developers of the North American multinational has opted, in this case, for a chassis for 2U convergent rack: it is useful to add or interchange in a gradual way building blocks of modular IT technology in which, for example, we would include servers, storage or input / output peripherals to adapt to the needs of different businesses. Likewise, the shared cooling, power, network connection, management and PCIe expansion slots of the ‘FX2’ chassis serve a wide variety of server / storage combinations designed to increase granularity and efficiency in tasks of management.

Businesses interested in this proposal can choose between two versions of the ‘FX2’ chassis. On the one hand, there is the ‘FX2s’ switched configuration that supports a maximum of eight PCIe 3.0 low profile expansion slots; on the other hand, there is an ‘FX2’ configuration that is not switched and that is presented as a cheaper alternative price that does not have expansion slots.

Dell PowerEdge FX2 is a hybrid rack based on a computing platform that combines the density and efficiency of blade servers with the simplicity and benefits of rack systems from the cost point of view. From here, customers have flexible configurations at their disposal that promise a greater number of choices. Precisely, the innovative modular design of the present architecture supports the construction of blocks of different sizes (computing, storage, networks and management), so that the data centers have different alternatives at their disposal for the construction of their infrastructures.

Thus, the following server and block storage nodes have been included: PowerEdge FC830, with four processor sockets, a memory of up to 1.5 Terabytes, options of hot-pluggable hard disks and a high expansion capacity; PowerEdge FC630, with two processor sockets and eight maximum solid state drives of 1.8 or 2.5 inches; PowerEdge FC430, also with two processor and high density sockets; PowerEdge FD332, which has a medium width format; and PowerEdge FM120x4, also with a medium format and compatible with up to four trays per PowerEdge FX2 chassis.

Dell PowerEdge FX2 a Medida

The features of Dell PowerEdge FX2 virtual rack server also include hot-pluggable and redundant power supplies (2,000, 1,600 or 1,100 watts of power) and eight fans for cooling the machines. For its part, this flexible design that we referred to before is compact and interesting when it comes to efficiently adding the necessary resources as business needs change. The management tasks can be carried out both locally and remotely, and there is a chassis management controller developed for the management of all resources (storage, networks, servers and power nodes) that functions as a unified management tool (it is presented in a single console).

In another vein, the shared cooling, power, management, networking and PCIe expansion slots of the FX2 chassis yield a wide variety of server / storage combinations for efficient management. On the other hand, it is possible to manage servers independently or jointly with the Dell Chassis Management Controller (CMC), which is used to manage chassis and server components. In this sense, the management of a maximum of 20 systems is guaranteed from a single CMC console.

Dell PowerEdge FX2 uses Dell OpenManage systems. What is achieved with this is to simplify and automate the server management life cycle, making IT operations more efficient and the machines more productive and profitable. Finally, indicate that the OpenManage Mobile option allows working with smartphones to receive notifications and perform management tasks from this application, among other available options.

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