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Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 S2 Blade Server

The Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 S2 Blade Server provides businesses that request it with the necessary machines to feed any workload and change or modify the requirements of their business. In this regard, the available offer is wide and diversified and those models labeled ‘BX’ are presented to the market as blade systems, the perfect platform to build a convergent infrastructure that has been designed to reduce time, effort and costs in ICT.

Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 S2 Blade Server
Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 S2 Blade Server

In addition, Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 S2 Blade Server uses a modular architecture and provide companies with the power they need, as well as all the necessary infrastructure and network components, storage capacity, management modules, and so on. The main purpose is to simplify precisely these infrastructures, achieve a significant reduction in costs and increase flexibility.

Technology and Efficiency of Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 S2 Blade Server

Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 S2 Blade Server is shown as the ideal platform to build an infrastructure capable of growing at the same time that companies do, providing great flexibility in daily operations as it integrates perfectly with the central functions of day to day.

In this sense, as a blade system, it has an intelligent design that has been developed from the more than 20 years of experience that the Japanese multinational has in the creation of x86 servers. For this, it applies a modular architecture that provides great storage and computing power, as well as everything necessary to simplify infrastructure in organizations and increase flexibility.

As a reliable and flexible system, Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 S2 Blade Servers are easy to update, maintain and customize IT platforms; in the case of the model that concerns us here, the first technical characteristic to be highlighted is that it can be equipped with up to 18 half-height front bays for server blades and / or storage in a 10U chassis for 19-inch racks (this data makes it in leader of its class for the density of a compact form factor).

It is the turn to talk about the Fujitsu Cool-Safe concept. It is an efficient power source that reduces costs and increases cooling capacities by integrating large ventilation modules and optimized airflow channels that, by acting efficiently, allow the least amount of energy to be used, with the consequent savings in energy costs that this entails.

On the other hand, the centralized management of physical and virtualized environments, as well as the virtualization capabilities of integral inputs and outputs – combined with a fully redundant hot-system design – support and drive the agility of business. It has been considered the possibility of exchanging the same blades and network options among other branded blade chassis such as the PRIMERGY BX400 model, and managing the entire system with the same tools.

Key features and benefits of Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 S2 Blade Server

Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 S2 Blade Server is committed to a modular adaptive structure (storage or power supply, among other elements) and redundant and hot-pluggable components. On the other hand, combining server, storage and network capabilities, as well as a component infrastructure in a single chassis, makes it a small data center.

In another order of things, it is possible to choose between different blade servers using the latest Intel Xeon processors along with adaptable memory configurations and versatile converged universal network adapters to provide a common infrastructure for LAN and SAN. The possibility of creating partitions of the bandwidth has been considered, which is ideal to adapt to the needs of each moment; ServerView-IO Virtual Manager will facilitate the tasks of the data center and greatly simplify the management of these LAN and SAN networks. The intelligent design that it presents makes it a ‘more flexible’ device than other server solutions, guaranteeing a simple implementation.

With dimensions of 445 x 778 x 438 mm and weighing up to 191 kg, it includes three LED indicators: the orange color shows the status of the system, the blue one serves as an identifier element and the red / green indicates whether the server is on or off.

Other interesting data are the bays in the back where the manufacturer has placed, among others, six for PSU modules. There is also the option, as regards the configuration of fans, of up to three hot-plug modules and six in the case of power supplies.

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